Fleshlight Masterbation

Can I send Fleshlight Masturbation sex toys to military bases

Fleshlight not officially approved by the US Military or the APO/FPO, sex toys (especially Fleshlights and simple non-vibrating masturbation sleeves) are well tolerated. “Fleshlights were delivered constantly while I was deployed.” explains one Iraq Veteran. “Also if you’re living in CHU’s in battle there’s always ‘alone time’, and believe me, he won’t be embarrassed because half his platoon probably already owns one or is planning on getting one.”

All Military Post Offices (MPOs) have restrictions on items that can be sent using the APO/FPO delivery system. While there are several rules of thumb that can be referred to, individual APO/FPO zip codes have restrictions that are specific to the overseas location they serve. For the first time ever, these zip codes are now available in an online database that can be searched quickly and easily to verify any and all restrictions to overseas military bases, posts and camps.

In Iraq and Iran, sex toy and sexual devices are unacceptable off-base, but many soldiers have and use Fleshlights and other masturbation sleeves. Vibrating toys may attract too much attention, but the discreet design of the Fleshlight will likely avoid any notice.



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Which Fleshlights is best for a solider?

That is a difficult question. Each man has a preference for tightness, texture, and size. Make sure the Fleshlight is his favorite penetration method (anal, vaginal, or oral) and he will fit. The only real suggestion we make is to avoid vibrating models for deployed military. If you need some help narrowing it down, here’s a great Best Fleshlight for Military Suggestions page.

Can we send sex toys to an APO or FPO?

APO stands for Army Post Office and is associated with Army or Air Force installations Worldwide. FPO stands for Fleet Post Office, and is associated with US Navy installations and ships in the United States. Most companies ship to APO and FPO.

Best Fleshlight Shipping Method for APO/FPO?

Priority Mail with the USPS is the way to go. Inexpensive, reliable, and easily tracked, it is the ideal delivery method for delivery to APO/FPO locations. Expect delivery time to vary, however, most deliveries are made quickly and in less than 5 business days. You should never choose a ground delivery option for an APO/FPO delivery, it could take up to 8 weeks, but probably will never be delivered.

Will my soldier get in trouble when I send him a Fleshlight?

Definitely tell him about it and he will likely be able to tell you quickly if it is acceptable. If you prefer to surprise him, know you are taking a risk in sending it. It may be discovered and and searched, as all APO/FPO mail may be. We encourage you to ask your soldier if it is okay to send Fleshlights. His buddies will have tried and succeeded or failed, just ask him. He’s going to be excited, don’t worry about that.

Where should I buy the Fleshlight?

We’ve found Tickle offers excellent prices on Fleshlights with very inexpensive shipping (and free for orders over

$50!). Right now, the Original Fleshlights is only $45.50 and the popular Jenna Haze Lotus is just $56. Head on over and check out their selection of Fleshlights.

Is it okay to send lube with the Fleshlight or sleeve?

It is usually okay to send lube, especially small bottles. Ask him if it’s okay, it probably is fine, but make sure. Learn more about lube for Fleshlights or find a Fleshlight for your Soldier!



Fleshlight Masterbation

Fleshlight Masterbation


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